Module Overview

Dashboards & Reporting

Co-Flo Dashboards & Reports provide real-time data on leading and lagging indicators of performance to keep your finger on the pulse of operations.

Intuitive UI allows bespoke dashboards to be tailored to specific business requirements. No need to talk to technical support – charts and dashboards can be easily built and modified using our dynamic no-code interface. Automated reporting sets your routine meetings and working sessions up for success.

Discover how Co-Flo Dashboards will give you everything you need to optimise your processes and service delivery.

Insights to drive improvements

Co-Flo dashboard tabs can be tailored to a particular audience through our intuitive, no-code controls. Staff can keep track of their workflows and manage their efforts and service levels accordingly. No more “management by inbox” - Co-Flo’s task and reminder tables on dashboards ensure priorities are clearly visible and drive the right behaviour.

Management can assess team workloads to pre-empt bottlenecks, empowering them to take action before impacting client service levels.

Equip and empower team managers

Take business and department management to the next level with tailored management dashboards displaying real-time data.

Quickly identify cases that are taking too long to resolve to mitigate impact on client satisfaction. Report on trends and identify opportunities with tailored senior management views to deep dive into issues and explore opportunities to improve. Generate rich time-series data to identify trends by client, department, location, managers or staff members.

Agile changes and real-time updates

Co-Flo’s BI Designer interface allows you to make changes on the fly. Insert a new chart? Sure. Change chart type, colours, or data? Too easy. All this can be done quickly and intuitively by a business user. No need to call tech support.

Any updates to Matter Management fields are reflected instantly in Dashboards. No lags. No technical mapping required. If it is a field that can be completed anywhere in Co-Flo – then you can report on it.

Automate reports

The vast majority of meeting preparation is inefficient. Win your precious time back with Co-Flo but having your reports automatically created and sent out on a routine basis. Weekly production reports to the team? Monthly trend analysis for each Business Unit? Quarterly trend reports for clients? Pick an audience and pick a dashboard, Co-Flo will do the rest.

Ad-hoc analytics

Rapidly respond to data requests or perform ad hoc analyses with no more than a couple of clicks. Conduct Quality Assurance audits to ensure your compliance and archiving protocols are up to scratch. No need for IT support – do it yourself with Co-Flo.

Access security & control

As with all Co-Flo features and functions – information, data and business intelligence access is carefully controlled. Whether it is at a user group level or at an individual level – you have full control over who can see information, who can extract information and who can drill down into deeper information. Co-Flo’s access control user interface allows you to easily control and views your data security and access settings, helping you tightly manage your risk.


Every field in Co-Flo can be marked with retention rules or as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Information can be auto-archived based on the relevant retention requirements of the country of the matter or internal retention policies.

Co-Flo also makes use of a GDPR Action menu which allows enables compliance to:
- Anonymise / Obfuscate data in Co-Flo
- Destroy or remove PII data
- Generate reports on who has viewed or worked with PII